About Us

Brief History

Since its inception in 2005, the Autocentral Group has grown consistently and sustainably from a single dealership into the dealership group that it is today, delivering premium customer service in key cities around the country. 

Our Focus

We are value-driven in our operations, first focusing on supporting and empowering our people who value our customers and take care of not only their needs, as well as being their well-informed consultants on everything about their vehicles. Everyday we strive to be the best business partners to the people and companies that we work with who help us to achieve our goal of being the best customer-driven automotive company in the markets that we compete in. Doing all of this increases shareholder value which in turn fuels our company’s strongly consistent growth and raises our enterprise’s value, helping us make a positive force in our community.

Our Values

This is the core of who we are. Our customers can depend on us for their mobility needs, to deliver to them a valuable and reliable experience. We may fall short at times, but we are resilient and we learn, evolve, and become even better every day. We drive the initiatives to become the exemplar of customer experience in our industry. We are versatile and know how to have fun along our journey. Everyday, we strive to be effective operators. Ours is a family of nurturing individuals where our people all contribute to cultivate what we have all come to love –Our Autocentral Community.

Dealers List