This Privacy Policy describes how Autocentral Group, with principal A.S Fortuna St., Bakilid, Mandaue City, Cebu, Philippines, collects and processes personal information with regard to our website and mobile application (“Application”).

 Autocentral Group recognizes the importance of your personal information managed and used in its business activities hence, It is the policy of Autocentral Group to respect, value and uphold your data privacy rights by adhering to the general principles of transparency, legitimate purpose, and proportionality in the collection or processing of personal information and/or sensitive personal information pursuant to the provisions of Republic Act 10173, otherwise known as the Data Privacy Act of 2012, and its Implementing Rules and Regulations.

Any personal information that we collect shall be processed in accordance with the law and we shall not use or share the information with anyone unless otherwise allowed therein, or pursuant to your consent, or necessary to achieve a legitimate or declared purpose.

The terms used in this Privacy Policy shall have the same definition as provided under the Data Privacy Act of 2012 and its Implementing Rules and Regulations.



This Privacy Policy is effective as of Golive date. We may update, modify or revise this Privacy Policy from time to time and will endeavor to send notice of or publish any changes in such appropriate and reasonable manner under the terms of this Privacy Policy such as, but not limited to, email communication, mobile app notification, or web page publication at

Your continuous purchase or use of our products and/or services upon notice or publication of the update, modification or revision to the Privacy Policy shall constitute as your consent to any of such update, modification or revision.



Through your voluntary disclosure and/or by automated methods, we may collect and process the following information:

  1. Personal information such as name, date of birth, age, gender, civil status, profession and/or occupation;
  2. Contact details such as postal address, email address, landline and or mobile phone number;
  3. Product details (for purchased products) such as vehicle identification number, license number, and other information captured by the vehicle sensors (if any).

We may also collect and/or process information involved in certain services that are coursed through or with the use of computers and/or mobile devices such: 

  1. Permitted information on login information, GPS location, profile data, biometric data such as voice, photograph, and/or fingerprint depending on the device or hardware settings;
  2. Vehicle information when connected to the computer and/or mobile devices including, but not limited to, vehicle behavior information;
  3. Internet Protocol (IP) address used to connect the computer and/or mobile device to the internet;
  4. Usage details including date and time of use, page, response times, and/or download or upload errors, time zones, login verification, and operating platform type or version.

Cookies are small text files that contain limited and non-personal data, usually a unique identifier stored in your mobile device’s web browser or in the application. We or we may allow third parties to place cookies to optimize user experience and provide us with better insights into your use of computer or mobile device related programs and/or application. We may not be able to track certain settings such as “do not track setting” for lack of support thereof. 



We, or our third parties, may collect and process the foregoing information for any of the following: 

  1. To provide, administer and operate the services connected with our legitimate activities;
  2. To make improvements to our products and/or services to ensure that it will redound to an effective and efficient user experience;
  3. For our internal record keeping requirements, which include the collection of anonymized details to compile aggregate statistics or produce internal reports/references to improve our products and/or services;
  4. For marketing and data analysis and research, including the conduct of surveys;
  5. To share (if applicable and subject to a given consent) the information pursuant to the purposes stated in this Privacy Policy.
  6. To disclose your information to the extent allowed under existing laws, rules and regulations.



We retain your information in accordance with the limits provided for under existing laws, rules and regulation, and as long as required pursuant to the declared, specific and legitimate purpose. We may also retain your information when necessary to establish, exercise or defend legal claims in accordance with such standards observed in the applicable industry (if any) or authorized under such law, rule or regulation. 

We will take necessary and appropriate measures to maintain the security of your personal information in order to prevent unauthorized access, leakage, falsification or loss of such personal information. We endeavor to keep such information accurate and up-to-date.


We may engage the services of third parties such as, but not limited to, our Authorized Dealers, Business Partners, and/or Third Party Service Providers or Sub-Contractors in the conduct of our legitimate activities, in accordance with existing laws, rules and regulation, or pursuant to a given consent. 

Should we share the information in furtherance hereof, we will do the same in accordance with reasonable commercial standards such as, but not limited to, by mail, telephone, fax, e-mail, or other electronic messaging services. The sharing or disclosure shall only be done on a need to know basis and subject to such measures that would ensure the security of your information and, in all cases, for our legitimate activities and purposes only.



The application may contain links to third parties or other sites or applications that will direct to such website or application if clicked and/or accessed. Unless expressly indicated, Autocentral Group do not operate the external websites or applications. It is strongly advisable that you review the Privacy Notices or Policies of that website or application to understand how personal information may be collected or processed therein.



Autocentral Group will not knowingly collect personal information of a child unless the consent of parents or legal guardian was obtained. In case we discover that personal information of a child was given without the consent of parents or legal guardian, we will immediately delete this from our records and/or system.


We will take necessary and appropriate technical, organizational, administrative and physical measures to maintain the security and protect your personal information in order to prevent unauthorized access or alteration, accidental damage, deletion, misuse, loss, leakage, or falsification of your personal information. We well check the handling of personal information regularly and always make every effort for continuous improvement. We shall strive to use commercially acceptable means of protecting your personal information. However, we do not guarantee the security of any method of transmission over the internet, especially when we do not provide network connection services. 

We shall also take reasonable steps to ensure that third parties to whom we share your information (if any) will maintain a comparable level of protection as set out in this Privacy Policy. We will not disclose, sell, distribute, rent or lease the information to third parties unless in furtherance of the purposes stated herein or pursuant hereto. We will not share your information for direct marketing purposes of such third parties. 

Moreover, in the event that some of our businesses and/or assets are proposed to be acquired or acquired by third parties, we may share or disclose the information as part of business transfer or acquisition. We may also share or disclose your information as part of business or asset sale due to insolvency or similar situation in accordance with applicable laws, rules and regulations.



We recognize your rights under the Data Privacy Act of 2012. As such, subject to the reasonable internal processes and requirements as we may adopt from time to time, we will comply with the exercise of any of such rights that meets the requirements and criteria of the law or its implementing rules and regulations.




By downloading, installing and proceeding to use the Autocentral website, you hereby acknowledge that you have read and understood the Privacy Policy and agree for and give consent to Autocentral Group, as follows: 

  1. The collection, processing, storage, disclosing, and transferring of my personal and/or sensitive personal information as set out and for purposes indicated in the Privacy Policy.
  1. The collection, processing, storage, disclosing, and transferring of my geo-location information as set out and for purposes indicated in the Privacy Policy.
  1. The collection, processing, storage, disclosing, and transferring of my information (including but not limited to voice, photographs and fingerprints) as set out and for purposes indicated in the Privacy Policy.
  1. The sharing, disclosure, and transfer of my personal and/or sensitive personal information to our principal and third-parties as set out and for purposes indicated in the Privacy Policy.
  1. To provide me information about other goods and services of Autocentral Group in the form of SMS, email, and other electronic means.



This Application is intended only for users of legal age. By continuing, you hereby confirm that you are 18 years old or above at the time of registration.